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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the airfare include?

The ticket price is comprised of Airline Tariff for a given section, Airport and Fuel Fees, and Service Fee.

Is it possible to change the name after purchasing the ticket?

Change of name is not possible.

When I pass through only one section of the way, am I entitled to a refund?

A partially flown ticket is nonrefundable. Some tickets, if the journey has not been started, may be partially refundable. Fuel charges are part of a tariff, so if the tariff is not redeemable, it is the same for fuel charges.

What if I do not get to the first stretch of the road?

Not going to the first stretch of the trip means canceling the ticket throughout the route back and forth. Similarly, not entering a section listed in the ticket means canceling the rest of the journey by the carrier.

What does insurance cover?

On the unrealized routes, when the policy was negotiated with the purchase of the ticket, on the day the ticket is issued at the latest. The policy covers the eventual illness where a medical certificate has to be provided – the physician will fill in the report of the insured event.

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